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2 January
New York, United States
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anime, anne rice, astronomy, ballet, children's books, comic books, cosplay, dancing, dollfies, dolls, dreams, dungeons and dragons, egl, elegant gothic lolita fashion, faeires, fairy tales, fantasy, final fantasy, flowers, gaming, gardens, harry potter, japan, japanese culture, lloyd alexander, manga, martial arts, memegens, mermaids, mythology, neil gaiman, online quizzes, psychology, rpgs, sewing, tea, tea ceremony, traveling, unicorns, video games, writing
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The Princess Code

Personality Type: INFJ
Enneagram Personality: 4

~* Favorites *~
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Book: The Prydain Chronicles
Color: Pink
Song: Safety Dance
Fairytale: Sleeping Beauty
Princess: Princess Eilonwy
Artist: Macoto Takahashi
Jewel: Tanzanite
Season: Spring
Movie: Labyrinth

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